A new religious organization: Orthodox medical Congregation in honor of Saint Alexiy mithropolitan Moskovski was founded in Vitebsk, Byelarus, February, 2001.

The purposes of organization:

1.     Promotion of the spread of saving truthes of Christian belief in medical institutions as well as among people searching for medical aid.

2.     Taking part in prevention of destructive sects influence upon healthy life style formation among people and in treatment and in prophilaxy of diseases.

3.     Drawing public attention to the problems of spiritual and somatic health protection in Byelarus.

4.     Financing of health educational projects.

5.     Development of methodological base of modern medicine according to Christian tradition.

6.     Charity.

Major forms of activity:

1.     The public lectures holding and individual consultations devoted to religious, moral and medical problems.

2.     Creation and development of business and friendly connections with foreign religious and medical associations.

3.     Acquisition, spreading and publishing of printed issues, and audio, video and computer information devoted to religious, moral and health educational character.

4.     Holding of conferences and symposia on interaction problems of medicine and religion, promotion of new medical advances which dont contradict Christian morality.

5.     Medical care in Byelarus and other countries, medical care with the help of Internet.

6.     Taking part in hospice organization.

7.     Collection of contribution for Congregation activity.

8.     Medical, social, psychological care for drug and alcoholaddicts.

9.     Reception and distribution of charity.

10. Promotion of the Russian language spread all over the world.



We are searching for friends, sponsors and those who feel along similar lines in different countries with the purpose of organization of cooperative projects. In our turn, we are ready to help You in carrying out all of Your medical, cultural and humanitarian projects in Byelarus and East-Europian region.

Our address: 210026, Byelorussia, Vitebsk, ul. Tolstogo, 15.

Phone: (375)-(212) 37-35-09, 63-29-95

E-mail: Vit_prav@mail.ru